Foosball tournament for VGTU members

Foosball tournament for VGTU members
We invite you to join us and participate in the foosball tournament for VGTU members. 

When? - 2018.02.22
Where?    - Lobby near SRA - I  03 aud.
Starting time - 13:30 pm.
Registration - till 21st of February. 15 pm. by email: martyna.jaskeleviciene@vgtu.lt (First name; Last name; phone number)
Organizers - VGTU Sports and art center and Foosin
Event is free of charge and there will be prizes for the winners

About the tournament:
- Players at the tabel 2 x 2.
- Tournament format: MONSTER DYP.
- 1 match is played up to 5 points.
- Do not overdo the stick 360 (do not do so-called "windmills")
- Before the first shot, the ball has to touch the rod player 2 times. Do not place the ball at the beggining of the match and beat the goal immediately.