"Physical Activity and Health" (optional, 3 ECTS credits)
 This module is designed for 2nd - 4th year students. Students have to choose one of the following sports: basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, athletic gymnastics, self-defence without a weapon, Judo, Sambo, body design, intensive functional endurance training (Insanity), Nordic walking.
 Module scope: practice (52 academic hours).
Theoretical classes: socio-cultural significance of physical activity and health; rational nutrition, physical training and profession.
Practice:  purposeful and complex improvement of student's physical characteristics, psychophysical qualities, as well as skills relevant to professional activities on the basis of the selected sports. Priority is given to endurance, strength, coordination and regular training.
Assessment criteria: accumulative mark. The final assessment mark consists of the physical fitness test results, the assessment of the sports branch technique according to the selected topic, attendance and a practice plan summary.
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