VGTU Rector Alfonsas Daniūnas re-elected for the second term

VGTU Rector Alfonsas Daniūnas re-elected for the second term
VGTU Council has unanimously elected Alfonsas Daniūnas as the rector of VGTU for the second five-year term by a secret ballot.
"The first 5-year term of the office showed that management of a complex and comprehensive university, which was a coherent and purposeful evolution rather than revolution in response to current challenges, proved to be effective and appropriate. We appreciate Rector's ability to maintain the balance and open dialogue with academic community and partners, and the continuation of the work for the next five years shall be very consistent,” said the deputy chairman of VGTU Council Artūras Abromavičius.
This year, there were no other candidates in the Rector's election to compete with the current Rector A. Daniūnas. VGTU Council voted unanimously this time as well as five years ago, when we had three candidates.
"I appreciate the confidence of the Council and the community, and thus I am committed to confidently lead the university through the coming changes. As before, I will focus on modern research-based studies, internationalisation and interdisciplinary cooperation", - said VGTU Rector Alfonsas Daniūnas.
While presenting the work of the last 5 years and the plans for the upcoming term in an open Senate meeting on May 24, 2016, prof. Alfonsas Daniūnas emphasised that VGTU has strengthened its positions as a strong leader among Lithuanian universities and in an international arena.
The results of research and innovation activities have significantly increased during the last 5 years having prof. Alfonsas Daniūnas as the Rector of VGTU. The number of scientific publications has doubled, excellent results were achieved in the field of patent activity.
VGTU is highly regarded by the external experts, who have stressed that the University has a great impact on the development of the country and the region in the external evaluation report. The impact is mainly associated with studies sand research activities: training highly qualified specialists and carrying out applied research, taking into account the sustainable development needs of the country.
University Rector is elected by the highest collective academic authority - the University Council, that announced an open competition for the position of the Rector. New VGTU Council was elected in May, 2016. General Director of JSC „Traidenis“ (leading company in technological equipment for the industrial treatment of wastewater.) is currently a chairman of the Council. VGTU Council consists of 11 members, including the members of various associations and VGTU academic community.